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We provide the U.S. Real Estate market with THE Fast & Convenient Sale.  As you can imagine, there are a large number of people who prefer this over the other ways of trying to sell a house.  This results in a large number of inquiries from folks looking to sell their home.  And that requires that we expand our team required to deliver the highest quality service to those sellers.

We believe in developing the entrepreneurial skills of all team members to grow and become even more valuable members of the Diamond Equity Investments organization. As a member of the team you can count on strong leadership & training with very attentive management striving to develop your time to be the most effective & rewarding both in professional accomplishment and compensation.

We closed 324 deals in 2022 and 331 deals in 2023 and 31 deals as of March 8, 2024.   We currently have 107 properties in our inventory either under construction, or awaiting closing.  A successful career in real estate requires steady lead flow to keep the crews working.

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The Acquisition Manager is a Deal Maker who drives our business.   Acquisition Managers receive the largest share of profit on every successful transaction.  This role is not an easy one.   Making Deals requires much more than “making offers” on property.   To be successful as an Acquisition Manager you MUST be a superstar who can manage complex negotiations, build and maintain successful lead management & follow up habits, and be a voracious student of the game.   A successful Acquisition Manager is well-read and experienced in sales, psychology, NLP, & human nature.  In fact, the least important qualification is experience in real estate, although that helps slightly.  Our top Acquisition Managers had very minimal experience in real estate when they joined the team.  

This is not a 9-5 position.  This role is demanding, as often negotiations must be executed during evening & weekend hours.  You are somewhat “on-call” to the business.  In exchange for this commitment & sacrifice, you should expect to aim for $150,000-$200,000 in income per year.  You will receive a profit share on every deal you close.  There is NO salary being paid, you will not be an “employee”.  

We view every Acquisition Manager as a partner on every deal they assemble.  That comes with a partnership share of the profit.  We guide our team in being intrapreneurs-receiving 1099 income from flipping houses.  The income is good, some Acquisition Managers make more than $300,000 per year.  While that money is yours to do as you wish, we encourage living below your means, saving & investing the surplus in tax efficient and safe long term investments.  At the end of a career with Diamond Equity, your goal is to become at least a millionaire and be set for life.  That said, the perfect person for the Acquisition Manager role does well because they love the game.  They love the hustle & love making deals.  To them, this isn’t a job.  It is a lifestyle with tremendous dividends.

Atlanta, GA Region
Acquisition Manager 

Buy & Sell Houses
Income $100K-$250K/Year

Chicago, IL Region
Acquisition Manager 

Virtual Deals
Inside Sales
Buy & Sell Houses throughout the US
Income $100K-$250K/Year

Philadelphia, PA Region (inc NJ)
Acquisition Manager 

Buy & Sell Houses
Income $100K-$250K/Year

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