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Diamond Equity Investments Company Philosophy

We provide the U.S. Real Estate market with THE Fast & Convenient Sale.  As you can imagine, there are a large number of people who prefer that over the other ways of trying to sell a house.  This results in a large number of inquiries from folks looking to sell their home.  And that requires that we expand our team required to deliver the highest quality service to those sellers.

We believe in developing the entrepreneurial skills of all team members to grow and become even more valuable members of the Diamond Equity Investments organization. As a member of the team you can count on strong leadership & training with very attentive management striving to develop your time to be the most effective & rewarding both in professional accomplishment and compensation.

We closed 283 deals in 2020 and 355 deals in 2021 with Revenue Growth Year Over Year of 71%.   We currently have 181 properties in our inventory either under construction, or awaiting closing.  A successful career in real estate requires steady lead flow to keep the crews working.

We closed 355 deals from 11,213 leads from sellers seeking a fast & convenient sale.  It was simply too many leads for the current team and we missed 528 deals.  People were mad because we couldn’t call back fast enough.  Are you able to help close those missed deals in 2022?

NOTE-We Only Consider Candidates who Apply through the Process Detailed at the Links Below

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Atlanta, GA Region
Acquisition Manager
Buy & Sell Houses
Commission $100K & Up

Chicago, IL Region
Acquisition Manager Virtual Deals
Inside Sales
Buy & Sell Houses throughout the US
Commission $100K & Up

Philadelphia, PA Region (inc NJ)
Acquisition Manager 
Buy & Sell Houses
Commission $100K & Up

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